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At Fuse Wealth, we understand that your financial future is not just a matter of chance. It requires planning, strategic decision-making, and expert guidance. Our team of seasoned Tweed Heads and Gold Coast financial planners is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of finance, from investment strategies to retirement planning and beyond.

Our expertise, commitment, and superior customer service make us the trusted partner you need on your journey towards financial success.

Whether you live in Tweed Heads, Coolangatta, Casuarina, Kingscliff, Gold Coast, or beyond, trust us to transform your wealth into a tool for building the life you envision.

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Tailored Solutions To Reach Financial Freedom

We deliver personalised solutions tailored to your unique financial goals and circumstances, turning your dreams of a secure and prosperous future into a reality.

Our Financial Planning Services:
Your Arsenal for Financial Success

At Fuse Wealth, we offer various financial planning services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our experienced professionals are adept in investment management, superannuation, insurance, retirement planning, and estate planning, ensuring that every aspect of your financial life is covered.

We go beyond the traditional approach to financial planning; our experts are skilled in thinking outside the box and devising innovative strategies and investments to maximise your money and financial potential.

With Fuse Wealth, a team of Tweed Heads financial planning experts is dedicated to helping you achieve financial security.

Retirement Planning: Navigating Your Golden Years

Retirement planning at Fuse Wealth is a comprehensive service designed to ensure that your golden years are a time of comfort, security, and enjoyment. Our process involves an in-depth analysis of your current financial status, understanding your retirement aspirations, and crafting a personalised plan that includes superannuation optimisation, investment strategy formulation, financial advice and ongoing management.

Our dedicated team works closely with you to create a well-defined and realistic roadmap towards retirement that brings your lifelong aspirations to life while ensuring they align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Superannuation and SMSFs: Empowering Your Financial Independence

Superannuation is often the key to a comfortable retirement, and our advisors are experts in maximising this potential. For those interested in self managed super funds (SMSFs), we offer extensive advice and management services, guiding you through the intricacies of fund setup, compliance, investment strategies, and administration.

Our goal is to empower clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to take charge of their superannuation or self managed superannuation, ensuring it works effectively for their retirement aspirations.

Tax Planning: Maximising Your Financial Efficiency

Our tax planning services are about creating efficient strategies to help you retain more of your hard-earned wealth. We analyse your financial landscape to identify opportunities for tax reduction and implement strategies in line with current legislation.

Our proactive approach involves careful planning around income, investments, and retirement funds to ensure clients benefit from all available tax advantages, contributing to your overall financial security and success.

Debt Management: Strategising for Financial Liberation

Our debt management services are tailored to free you from the shackles of debt, allowing for a clearer path to wealth creation. We offer practical advice and strategies to manage money and reduce debt, including consolidation, refinancing, and negotiation of terms.

Our Tweed Heads financial advisors work with you to create a personalised plan that aligns with your income and financial goals, providing support and tools to regain control of your financial position.

Estate Planning: Securing Your Legacy

Estate planning is an essential service we provide, ensuring that your assets and wealth are distributed according to your wishes upon your passing.

Our detailed estate planning includes will creation, trusts setup, and beneficiary designations, all handled with sensitivity and foresight. We address complex family dynamics, tax implications, and legal requirements to create an estate plan that provides peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones.

Life Insurance: Ensuring Your Family’s Financial Future

Life insurance is a critical component of a solid financial plan, providing security for your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Our financial advisors assess your specific needs to recommend the appropriate level and type of coverage. We navigate you through the many options to find wealth solutions that offer adequate protection while aligning with your financial goals and budget.

Wealth Management: Curating Your Financial Portfolio

Wealth management with Fuse Wealth is a comprehensive service that addresses all facets of your financial health through each life stage. Our holistic approach combines investment advice, risk assessment, and strategic planning to grow and protect your wealth.

We work closely with you to understand your risk tolerance, investment preferences, and long-term objectives. Our wealth management is not just about building wealth but also about implementing defensive wealth solutions, and strategies to protect you against market volatility and personal life changes through each life stage.

Find the best financial planner for your specific objectives and financial goals with Fuse Wealth.

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Why Choose Fuse Wealth? Trusted Financial Advisors

Fuse Wealth isn’t just another financial planning firm; we are a cornerstone of Tweed Heads financial planning industry, a beacon of expertise, trust, and unparalleled service.

Our team holds advanced diplomas and industry recognition that speak volumes about our commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach, ensuring you’re informed and confident at every turn.

Our client testimonials below echo our ability to build long-term relationships founded on the pillars of success, integrity, and mutual respect.

In a sea of financial uncertainty, Fuse Wealth stands as a lighthouse, guiding you in the right direction to safe harbours. We recognise the common financial concerns that plague families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

Our financial advisers are more than just wealth management professionals; they are your allies in the quest for financial stability and growth. We delve into your financial world to design a wealth management plan that’s as individual as your fingerprint. This level of customisation ensures that every strategy we recommend is optimised for your financial and lifestyle goals, propelling you towards a future of wealth and security.

Kind words from our clients

Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones
25. February, 2024
My experience with Saul and the CHG team has been very positive, and I feel I'm in a better financial position as a result. They are very professional, and they respond to any enquiries quickly and in a way that I can understand. I feel much more relaxed about my financial future. Would highly recommend the team for your financial advice and strategies.
Stacey Southwood
Stacey Southwood
14. February, 2024
Saul and the team at CHG were very helpful and helped us put our mind at ease about retirement and our future.
Emmanuelle Le Gall
Emmanuelle Le Gall
12. February, 2024
Always great to deal with CHG, Saul and the team for expert advice. Saul makes it simple & clear to navigate and understand the process along the way! Thank you ☺️
Petra Buchanan
Petra Buchanan
10. February, 2024
Our experience with the CHG team and Saul Muscardin has been consistently positive and beneficial to our financial planning. They provide solid financial advice and guidance tailored to our needs and their professionalism and responsiveness are greatly appreciated. We feel confident in their expertise and highly recommend their services to others seeking reliable financial planning and accounting services.
Blair Drinkwater
Blair Drinkwater
9. February, 2024
Have been a long-term client of Shaun and the CHGIW team and have always felt that the relationship is a true partnership rather than transactional. Always accessible and knowledgeable and is invested in our long-term financial success. Highly recommend getting in touch with the team!
Gerry Sheridan
Gerry Sheridan
8. February, 2024
Saul Muscardin of CHG Wealth provides us with going advice and financial planning. Saul is very dedicated, informative and energetic, we feel like we’re in very safe, capable hands. Our portfolios continue to evolve and grow. His solutions are diverse and creative, always timely and accurate. Most importantly, we trust Saul, knowing that he always has our best interests at heart.
Mark Blackshaw
Mark Blackshaw
7. February, 2024
CHGIW and Saul are always responsive and professional. They work to create a true partnership that is open and honest and places client needs and questions front and centre in all that they do.
Steve Sorensen Mechanical
Steve Sorensen Mechanical
7. February, 2024
The best decision we made was to have Saul and his team help us with our transition to retirement. What felt like was going to be an enormous & daunting task has been broken down into simple, easy to understand steps, with an outcome so much better than we ever anticipated.
Philip Townend
Philip Townend
25. October, 2022
Saul helped us organise and streamline our finances, saved us thousands of dollars a year, and helped us the establish financial habits (including savings and investing) that will benefit us now, and in the future. I only wish we had of acquired his services sooner. He’s taken away so much of the stress and given us more time to do the things we love. Couldn’t recommend anyone more highly!

Forge Your Path to Financial Prosperity With Fuse Wealth Financial Advisors

Begin your voyage towards a secure financial future with professional advice from a certified financial planner. Reach out to a Fuse Wealth financial advisor and unlock a complimentary consultation—your first step towards strategic wealth management and financial peace of mind.
Let our Tweed Heads financial planning team help you chart a course that leads to prosperity and allows you to improve your financial position and achieve the freedom you deserve.

If you live in Tweed Heads, Coolangatta, Casuarina, Kingscliff, or Gold Coast, contact us today for a financial plan that improves your financial position.

Your Financial Planning Questions Answered

At Fuse Wealth, the price varies depending on the complexity of your financial situation and the services you require. We value transparency and offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

Absolutely. Financial planners offer not just financial advice but investment strategies that pay dividends in financial security and growth, making it a worthwhile investment for your future financial stability.

In our perspective, the terms “financial advisors” and “planners” are essentially synonymous. However, it’s important to clarify that our approach goes beyond a singular emphasis on investment advice or financial products. Instead, we are dedicated to aligning our clients’ desired outcomes with the most suitable strategies for achieving them. While these strategies may indeed involve financial products and investment tactics, our primary focus is on the holistic financial well-being and goal attainment of our clients.

They evaluate your financial health, identify your goals, and develop a comprehensive plan to reach those goals. They work with you to implement this plan, providing ongoing advice and adjustments as your financial situation evolves.

The ideal time to begin financial planning is as soon as you start earning an income. However, we do our best work with clients who identify with one of our four client niches. To achieve the best results, financial planning requires a minimum amount of ‘ingredients’ for success, but if you’re not quite ready, we’ll happily steer you in the right direction and touch base in the future.