If you, like most people, have set financial goals for 2016, it might be time to think about CHANGING YOUR ACCOUNTANT.

Why? Because NOT changing accountants is probably costing you MONEY. The reality is, not all accountants think the same way.

Many accountants are more interested in last year’s figures than finding new ways to increase profits or planning for the future.

Most accountants won’t call you to hear how your business is doing, or help you solve challenging financial problems. Very few accountants offer a fixed price, so you know what expenses to budget for.

The staff at CHJ FINANCIAL are not like most accountants – which is why you should think about talking to us.

The difficulty for people is that they find the conversation difficult to make the break, move on and progress. Most people dislike change due to the FEAR of the unknown.

Some of us prefer familiar people and predictability. So, it’s no great surprise that the vast majority of businesses resist change especially when it comes to reviewing and potentially changing their accountant.

The good news is, changing your accountant isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, we’ve broken it down to 3 SIMPLE STEPS.

  1. CHOOSE YOUR NEW ACCOUNTANT. Why choose CHJ? Read on, and you’ll see.
  2. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Call us. Email us. You can even Facebook us. During this complimentary meeting we’ll discuss your accounting needs and financial goals, and then quote you a fixed price for our services.
  3. BREAK-UP WITH YOUR OLD ACCOUNTANT. We understand this is not always an easy conversation, so we can notify your accountant on your behalf & request your files to be sent to us. In fact, with so many new clients joining the CHJ family, we do this quite frequently. Heartbreakers I know…

It’s a simple as that.


CHJ FINANCIAL offers a fully integrated advice service by looking after all of your Accounting, Tax, Proactive Business Improvement, Wealth Management, Finance and SMSF’s needs.

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all your financial needs are handled with a Simple, Clear approach that ensures a Successful outcome for you.

With your financial matters managed by respected professionals, you will have the Freedom to concentrate on what is important to you.

If you would like a confidential, obligation free discussion about moving to CHJ contact us now. (07)5599 5747